Symbol Healing:

I'll create multiple custom symbols based on your desired goal:

The symbols I create for you will then be used in a form of distance healing.

I'll create symbols based on your FULL NAME or SCREEN NAME and your desired GOAL/WISH. I will then activate symbols by burning them, as you do with Sigil's. I will repeat this process 3 days a week.

My charge for this service is just £5 a week.

Payable to:

When paying let me know:


Your desired GOAL/WISH

© Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - 2019

I create symbols using Reiki based methods, my own take on symbol creation and further compressing Sigil creation down a few more steps.  When you order symbol creation from me I will send you a copy of all the symbols created in your name, so you can see/use them yourself.
I do also create Sigil's, see below for some SIGIL examples, based on my name/desire.  Therefore these are only usable by ME.