Get to know the Scorpio(s) in your life - Written by a Scorpio:

Do you have a Scorpio in your life?

Do you wish you knew more about them?

Hate their secrecy?

Annoyed by their trust issues?

Have you ever wronged a Scorpio/seen our anger?

Find them a total mystery?

Need to understand their need for alone time?


I'm a Scorpio myself & I know others don't understand us. Were complex, yet simple. It's both a blessing & a curse to be a Scorpio. I hope this website helps you to understand us more, without you having to ask your Scorpio, thus invading their i.e. alone time etc...

Us Scorpio's do value our secrecy/privacy. If we tell you something in confidence, don't tell anyone else. Don't try to pry into our lives. Don't invade our private space. Never read our i.e. diary/journals.

We are brutally honest, we don't sugar coat etc....

Best way to get to know a Scorpio is to give that time. It does take time for others to fully know us. We need to be able to trust you totally, then you'll learn all there is to know about us. A Scorpio won't open themselves up to you straight away. The only person who trully & fully knows me is my 'forever bestie', a Sagittarius who I've known for about 30 years+ (were both now in our 40's).

We do have trust issues. A Scorpio's life is especially full of turmoil. We have the hardest lives for sure. We take trust of upmost importance. If you have a Scorpio that trust's you, don't blow it. Were pro's at revenge & we are real patient too, so that revenge can hit you years later. We can wait till the most brutal time before we hit back.

If you've hurt a Scorpio, RUN!!!! When were angry we are like the 'Hulk', but a thousand times worse. We will not stop. We see 'red' forever after a hurt. We never trust you the same afterwards, if at all.

My parents didn't really ever even get me (they both died in 2016). They didn't understand my need for privacy/alone time/or why I'd get angry etc... Again the only person who fully understands me is my 'forever bestie' followed by my 'older foster sister'.

We will often 'go underground', go quiet/hide away from others etc... We NEED our alone time. Hanging out with others is for us exhausting. When with others we may seem quiet/not involved but our minds are just so busy. We analyse everything, we observe body language/what your not saying/how your saying things as in tone etc... We are taking a mental note of everything in our environment, working people out etc... It's very draining. We use & need our alone time (& plenty of it) to fully recover/recharge.

We may at times stare into space with our Scorpio 'hypnotising' eyes, this is also normal. It's hard if not impossible for us to be beaten in a staring contest. We also remember everything we pick up, mentally & from observation etc... We know when your lying, so don't ever think you've got us fooled, ever. We may not comment on it, but we have you figured out. Scorpio's are well known for being the sexiest sign of the Zodiac. Our ruling planets are Mars & Pluto. We are also the only sign to have multiple animal totems that represent us, 3 or 7 depending on which website you go too. We have of course the Scorpion, but also Dove or Eagle/Snake/Spider/Lizard/Wolf/Phoenix. We all strive to become the Phoenix, which usually occurs in our older years. Due to all these animal totems the Scorpio is always transforming. This may also mean sudden changes in career direction throughout our lives.

We are hugely independent. I much prefer living on my own. This may not be true for all Scorpio's though. I HATED living with my parents till I was 37, I was screwed by life-long health issues alone which ment I could never afford to 'fly the nest'. Now I'm on my own that's how it will stay for me. I will only have pets (after passing of my cat Buffy, I won't have anymore pets due to a few reasons), even though they help with my PTSD.

Scorpio's are often interested in Tarot/Death/The Occult etc...


Scorpio's are loyal, make sure you are too otherwise you'll have an angry Scorpio (NOT wise).


Scorpio's can get really jealous.


Scorpio's usually emit a cool & calm exterior, but were raging below the surface. It just won't show in our facial expressions.


How each sign shows anger: Scorpio kills you in your sleep.


When she's mad; even the demons run for cover.


Our intuition is NEVER wrong about people.


We are human lie detectors.


Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned.


I personally HATE liars. Scorpio's are known as being brutally honest.


Were great at detecting peoples real characters, if we don't trust you then there's a very legit, genuine, good reason for it.


Scorpio's are 0% fake.


Scorpio's are anti-bullshit.


Our moods can change in a millisecond.


Like the Scorpion we have a sting in our tail. Don't provoke us or you'll get it full blown.


Some famous Scorpio's are: Ant McPartlin (an idol of mine), Whoopi Goldberg (an idol of mine), Joe Montegna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds (an idol of mine), Prince Charles, Gerard Butler, Demi Moore & Katy Perry (an idol of mine) to name a few.