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Scan above QR Code - 'Reiki Charged' Code.  Can be used i.e.:

1)  Place printed QR Code onto problem area for at least 5 minutes. 

2)  Place printed QR Code between your palms for a few minutes. 

3)  Place printed QR Code under a drink's coaster to Reiki charge drinks with Reiki.

4)  Place printed QR Code on a chakra for at least 5 minutes.



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I'm into raising more awareness & supporting others who have PTSD, as a sufferer myself.  As I know how hard it is to live with.

I'm also hoping to start a project via my PTSD Reiki FB Page mostly, name of project is: 'BOBY' (Boost Others, Boost Yourself).  Simply create & send a care package (of any size, when you can) to i.e. someone you know/someone you meet (chat with) who has PTSD.  Care package can be items that help with PTSD such as Essential Oils/Herbs for herbal teas etc...  Or it can simply be food/drink/cosmetics etc...  Instructions for how to receive distance Reiki sessions (that you've setup for them) can be included too if your a Reiki Healer.  Just as a simple 'act of kindness to a fellow PTSD sufferer'.  To give them a boost & you feel good about sending it out.  Only requirement is including the following, as enclosed paperwork.

Download file from HERE.

I'll be doing it myself in the new year.  Also visit HERE.


Wordsearch Puzzles

I've ALWAYS enjoyed doing wordsearch puzzles, since I was a kid.  I find them really easy.  My newest, latest project (currently a work in progress) is creating my own wordsearch puzzles & sell access to the 'Google Drive Folder' which have the puzzles.  The puzzles can then just be downloaded, printed off & completed many times over.  This project will be 'Launched' on the 1st Feb. 2020.

Wordsearch puzzles have a bad rep but they have various benefits, such as:

They help develop word recognition - Assist in learning context clues - Help develop pattern recognition - Introduce & review vocabulary - Good for spelling & they're fun to do.

If you'd like access to my wordsearch puzzles, it's a one time fee of £15 (if UK based) or $25 (if USA based) paid to my Paypal account (see 'PAYMENT' page).  Must mention in i.e. 'Notes to Seller' as to what it's for.

Example of 'REIKI' wordsearch follows:


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