Let me be your Reiki guide/helper/assistant.

I'm home all day (as I'm disabled and unable to do a 'normal 9-5pm' job), so I have time to look into things on your behalf.

Are you in need of:
1.  A particular Reiki attunement/manual - I'll look for it for you.
2.  *A custom Reiki attunement - I'll create one for you (PLEASE consider paying something via my donation link though, if you use this service) - send me info about what you want from system * please allow research & manual creation time etc.. (I create systems that are self explanatory/not over complicated as much as I can but this step does take some time)
3.  Basic info about Reiki - I have guides etc that may help.
4.  Wish to be attuned to Reiki by me - Get in touch.
5.  Would you like to receive 3x30 minute sessions a week of distance Reiki from me - Visit HERE.
6.  Like to know some other Reiki Healers, that may be in your area, for i.e. in-person healings.
7.  Would you just like some queries answered about Reiki.
8.  Any other Reiki assistance, just get in touch.

Fill in form with your info/query and I'll get back in touch with you as soon as I can. I will NEVER sell your email address to anyone.

I work on a donation basis mostly.  So simply consider paying something for my time, if info has been of some help.

Any donations are all greatly appreciated.

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