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This site covers my 'Oracle' style deck readings. I have 2 normal decks. I've also made a few different types of decks that I offer readings from. My charge per reading is £8 or $10. Payable to my Paypal account (lyndacw (at) googlemail (dot) com).

List of decks are as follows:
1: Brian's Deck

2: The Answer Deck

3: Cartomancy Deck - Based on playing cards

4: Single Card Answer Deck

5: 3 Card Oracle Deck

6: Herbs 4 You Deck - What will be beneficial for you to take?

7: What's In Store

8: Zodiac Soulmate - What's the zodiac sign of your: Soulmate/Platonic or Romantic partner/Best Friend?

9: What's Needed Now? - Petition or Bay Leaf Spells/Reiki Healings/Healing Bank sessions done on your behalf, based on your reading.

Simply email me, it's the same email address as my Paypal account. Send me your question that you want your readings based on. Let me also know what deck you'll like a reading from.

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