TIMES OF YEAR WHEN I'M NOT AS ACTIVE: April & August - (See below)

As these months are INSANE at my end, due to i.e. SEVERAL death/funeral/birthday/loss anniversaries etc..



About Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward AKA Reiki30:

I'm based in the UK.  My name is Lynda Ward and I'm a 100% tomboy.  I'm a Scorpio (DOB: November 13th 1978).  I'm Aromantic Apothisexual (not into romance stuff and sex repulsed Asexual).  I'm also a Reverand through the Universal Life Church. I'm also a Reiki Grand Master. I started Reiki in Oct. 2009 and since then I've had all 18 of the main Usui Reiki attunements. I've created, and freely made available, all the Reiki systems I've created over the years.

I've always been into computers and since I was a kid I've used Windows PC's mostly. I hate them personally just due to the fact they often mess up. For a few years though I was an IT Tutor.

I'm disabled and have numerous health problems. Just after I started to learn Reiki I got diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3 (which results in: chronic pain all over/fragile skin/easy bruising/easy scarring/joint dislocations at any moment/chronic fatigue/sleep problems/eyesight problems/dental issues etc...). Around the age of 18/19 I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor, which is similar to Parkinsons Disease. I'm also an 'Aspie' (undiagnosed adult female with many Asperger traits, which do affect daily life). In February 2017 I was also diagnosed as having PTSD (& I easily have PNSD - Post Narcissistic Stress Disorder - Similar to PTSD but based purely on being in a narcissistic environment for a few years+). Since birth I've had dodgy knees and chronic pain in the knees. This is down to me being diagnosed as a kid (about 8 or 9) as having the 'Varus Deformity' of the knees. Also known as being bow legged, my legs are not aligned correctly.

Upto the age of 16 I was constantly having to attend Hospital and Clinic appointments for MANY health issues.  Such as:

1.  Bone Age was 3 years behind.

2.  I had removable braces.

3.  My height and weight was always closely monitored.

4.  My walking was a bit problematic, due to Varus Deformity.

5.  I had developmental delays.

6.  At about 13 months old I developed what most thought was Meningitis.  Apparently I could only keep Ribena and Custard down.  It was winter, everyone else was freezing while I, according to what folks always told me, was just in a nappy with a fan over me.

7.  Due to someone in the family (according to folks) being suspected as having possible TB, I had the vaccination as a little kid.  So when I was in Senior School, it did come time to have the jab.  I got my own back on a bully (who was waiting in the queue) by making out I had the TB jab done and that it hurt loads.  Came out holding that part of my arm.  Of course though I didn't have to have the jab, due to my TB jab scar.  I was relieved as I'm big time needle phobic.

When I was 16, the Doctors couldn't really think of what else to do so I was basically signed off.  No more regular appointments.  No more keeping track.  With my knee problem they always figured I'd outgrow it, that the chronic pain around the knees will end.  It didn't, I live with chronic pain/discomfort and general problems with my knees to this day.  My overbite (7mm) was fixed at a later date.  Around 2009 and for just over 2 years, I had fixed braces.  My height and *weight are no longer a problem.  I have a beer gut and I am slightly (according to my BMI) a smidge overweight.  I'm not concerned though, when I was about 13 I only weighed 3.5 stone (just 49lbs).  Should have been hospitalized, but for some reason I wasn't.  My medical file at the Hospital is huge when compared with others.

*I remember as a kid, going with Mum to her weight loss clubs.  I was the ONLY one there trying to actually gain weight.

Through learning Reiki and in the years since, using CBD/Kratom etc.., I'm able to keep on top of all these health problems, to lessen the chronic pain/fatigue/recover quicker from dislocations/help with the depression and anxiety etc...

I was also, always into potions/spells etc.. as a kid/adult. One of my favourite TV shows was Charmed. Since July 2016 I've been living on my own and therefore I've been able to focus more on all my hobbies/interests.

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These frequency audios are short audios of specific frequencies which I've added Reiki healing to.  So when you play & listen to file you'll receive benefits of that specific frequency & you'll receive some free Reiki too.
The first (& currently only one at the moment) is a 10Hz Healing file.  10Hz is the healing frequency.  Duration is 3 minutes 30 seconds, but of course you can loop (via your media player of choice when you've downloaded file) it, so it plays over & over again.  The audios may sound strange at first, but they may be of some benefit to you.
I hope you find this/these (in time) beneficial.
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© Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - 2020

In Memory Of:
My Cat  'Buffy' - (April 20th 2000 to August 12th 2019): My adorable black and white tuxedo cat. Buffy was my world, I miss her dearly every second of every day. Ever since I got her ashes from the Vet's I've worn a capsule type necklace, which contains a little of her ashes and a small tuft of her matted furr.  I have a 'Stick n Poke' type tattoo of '12-8' on my left lower arm, for the day she passed.
My Dog  'Tommy' - (April 28th 1986 to August 14th 2000): A long coated Chihuahua. He was a total dope. He had an overbite, as I did back then. He was Epileptic and was on medication for most of his life, which in turn did shorten his life a little, but his fits were easier on him. I miss him dearly.


'Frazier George Burrows' - (April 22nd 2008 to March 29th 2018): My best mates youngest son Frazier. He was Autistic and had his struggles. His life was far too short.  Due to his organs being donated, he's become a true superhero, who has saved several people's lives.  Always missed, never forgotten.  Hugest love & hugs ALWAYS go to Ann (his Mum & my bestie), Martin (his Dad) & Ciaran (his older brother).  xxxxxxxxx  His funeral was at the end of April 2018.



Mum 'Julia Marie-Anne Ward' - (January 25th 1949 to April 10th 2016): This one is quite long, complex & all negative, in an awkward way - As personally Mum and I didn't get along. Due to lifelong disabilities I couldn't 'fly the nest' till after Mum passed. I was 37 by then. As I still lived with parents (I did try to get away), I saw what they were like at all times. How Mum was when others were around was total opposite of what she was truly like. I've had it confirmed (Feb. 2017 via therapy) that I have PTSD due to 'emotional abuse' from my Mum, as she was grosly narcissistic.  Due to 23+ years living alone with parents (after older brother moved out) I saw the whole 'narc act'.  I now know the 'red flags' of narcissism & what to watch out for. 

All narcissistic types put on an act, especially when around others, they're putting on a show, acting all normal/nice/pleasant etc... It's all totally bogus.  Some suspected that Mum 'was loosing the plot/wasn't quite right', others knew, but most knew nothing about it.  Dad knew she wasn't right.

I was the Scapegoat (narcissists put roles on members of the family), it's NOT a role I'd ever wish on anyone. It's absolute hell, especially when the narcissisll over.t in your life is your Mum.  I did contemplate suicide for a good 10 years+ due to the stress/hell of being the Scapegoat, I knew how I would do it (overdose on drink & meds method).  The first ever 'stick n poke' tattoo I did on myself was the Semi Colon, because of contemplating suicide for all those years, but not actually doing it.

One way that Mum was beyond strict/controlling was with my hairstyles.  I could NEVER have it the way I wanted.  The hairdressers would always ask Mum what she wanted done with my hair.  It HAD to be long, till my late 20's (27/28), which I HATED/DESPISED.  In my late 20's I could finally have it shorter but it still HAD to be layered.  So it was grade 2 on top, grade 1 back and sides.  She HATED the grade 1, but it was a bit of rebellion for all the previous years with her control, at that point.  Having it long all the previous years wrecked my right shoulder further, as it was agonising to wash my hair.  Mum had to wash my hair many times, Dad washed it once as on those occasions I was completely unable to (due to dislocation recovery etc..).  My right shoulder is the weakest (due to EDS3 etc..), I gave up counting the multiple dislocated shoulders on my right side when I'd reached 15 dislocations.  Due to this weakness I'm unable to shave my own hair, even though I do have my own clippers.  Since Mum's passing, my hairstyles are now, obviously in my full control (at last).  I now have my hair the way I've always wanted it, grade 1 all over.  It's SOOOOO much easier to deal with.  I use a simple wet wipe to keep on top of it.  The ONLY time it grew a bit out of my comfort level was during Coronavirus lockdown.  I've had it shaved twice (via my mobile hairdresser) since lockdown has eased a little.  I sometimes have nightmares about suddenly having long hair again.

I also HATE using the phone for phone calls.  It reminds me of when my Mum would be hovering around, too close for comfort, when I was on the phone.  It would stress me out to the point that I'd be stuttery.  I now try, as much as I can, to avoid making phone calls.

I have so many issues now due to Mum. Due to PTSD I have many 'triggers'/symptoms etc.. that effect daily life. Safe to say after all those years as Scapegoat, that I also have PNSD.  Which is based on being in a narcissistic environment for years+.  There is also 'Scapegoat Abuse Syndrome' based on the emotional abuse inflicted on us Scapegoats.  I've had online therapy regarding everything that occured with Mum & I am a member of multiple Facebook groups where sadly others are still in the same type of situation/hell.

Mum died of Ischemic Colitis.  Final time I saw Mum was in the Chapel Of Rest at the funeral home (on April 22nd 2016 - on Frazier's birthday).  I've never cried over Mum since her passing, I doubt I ever will.  Mum's funeral was on April 29th 2016.  It all happened in April, urghhh.


Dad 'Laurence Christopher Ward' - (October 6th 1942 to 26th August 2016): For the most part Dad and I got on, although he had his moments of being like Mum. Dad did also struggle to deal with Mum, he'd also say "she wasn't like this when I married her". In August 2014 he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, which as I lived with them 24/7/365 I also saw the whole Cancer thing. As quoted by Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool, Cancer is 'a shit show' to watch. It really is.  On December 23rd 2015 he was told by Doctor's that he was terminal and only had 6 months left.  He died of Colon Cancer.  Me and bro were both with him as he passed, holding his hands.


Dad's Cat  'T.S.' - (died August 10th 2012):  T.S. was named after T.S. Eliot.  We got him the day Cats (musical) was brought out on DVD (in the UK) in 1998.  He developed Cancer of the jaw and therefore had to be put to sleep.  He was a total dope.


Gran 'Elsie Ward' - (January 25th 1901 to December 16th 1994): Gran on our Dad's side. The first funeral that I remember going to as a kid.  Gran's name was Elsie Ward.  That first name sounds like 'LC', so Dad was named Laurence Christopher (known as Chris) and they kept that going with me, Lynda Christina.


Gran 'Monica MacKenzie' - (November 19th 1925 to September 10th 2014): Gran on our Mum's side.

Pic is of Bro, Gran and Me (as a baby).


Marion Smith - My older (foster) Sister's biological Mother - (died April 21st 2016).  I knew Marion for MANY years.

Jean Giles - My older (foster) Sister's Nanna - (died April 12th 2017).  I knew Nanna Giles for MANY years.