When sending Paypal payment mention that it's for i.e. Nasal Snuff/Balm/Wax Melts.

Send payment to: http://paypal.me/reiki30.

I make a few items, from my UK home.

1) 4.5g Herbal/ZERO Tobacco Nasal Snuff that contains 1500mg CBD (My OG (Original & Genuine) Blend)

2) Herbal 5g Balms

3) Wax Melts (random, mystery colour/fragrance).


The cost of these items are:
Herbal CBD Nasal Snuff (Peppermint Essential Oil/Peppermint/1500mg CBD)=£4 + £2 p+p each.

Available from the New Year (Jan. 2020) onwards.

Herbal 5g Balms (if you let me know what your main health concern is then I'll make balm with appropriate herbs, otherwise it'll be random)=£2.50 + £2 p+p each.

Wax Melts (random/mystery fragrance/colour - 6 segments)=£2 + £2 p+p each.


My email:

lyndacw (at) googlemail (dot) com

Reiki30's Homemade Items

I'm a sole trader who works from home due to health/disabilities.  I'm always making various homemade type items such as balms/wax melts/liniments/lotions/infused oils & for the 2nd time in the last few years I've been getting back into making my own herbal, zero tobacco based nasal snuff's.  I'm also into herbal remedies as a whole too.  I'm always looking into various ways of combining all these hobbies to get something good at the end of it.  I've always enjoyed making these items.

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I'm also a Reiki Grand Master, so any item I send/post out (to ANY UK address ONLY) has been Reiki charged/empowered for that little bit of extra benefit.


This site is for selling my Nasal Snuff's (as of Jan. 2020), Herbal 5g Balms (ideal size for having in a pocket) & my Wax Melts.


Nasal Snuff Contains: (either already powdered/or powdered myself) Peppermint/Peppermint Essential Oil/ground CBD.
Balms contain: (either herbal infused Sunflower or herbal infused MCT Oil)/Paraffin Wax/Essential Oils.
Wax Melts contain: Paraffin Wax/Wax Crayon Chunk (for colour)/Fragrance Oils/Essential Oils.
See examples below.
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