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CBD is EVERYWHERE now. It's a hugely beneficial compound. It's found mostly in Cannabis/Industrial Hemp. The 2 main compounds of interest are: THC - This is what get's you 'High'. CBD - This is what's hugely beneficial for so many health issues. In Industrial Hemp or High CBD strains the THC percentage is below 0.2% so you WON'T get the 'High'. But you'll get the healing benefits of CBD.

I use it for pain relief, help with general mood, help with my anxiety and depression etc.... I get my CBD from Wholesale Henry. To visit Wholesale Henry, simply click HERE. I normally go for the 'Mystery Box'.


The following sites all offer various CBD based products. So please feel free to visit these sites and see what you think about CBD products etc...


HempWorx Info

HempWorx CBD For PTSD

CBD Info




Hempura UK



Hemp Botanics


Natal Chart - Do you want to know more about your natal chart but dont really know where to start? I live at home all day, so I have time on my hands. I myself am a (Sun) Scorpio with (Moon & Rising) Taurus, your Sun/Moon/Rising are the main ones. To find out your natal chart info I'd need: Full Name/Your DOB/Location Of Birth/Time Of Birth (as close as you can possibly get).  I'll then work it all out for you for FREE & send info to your email.


What is your Hogwarts House? Do you know? I am a Slytherin, yay. Snape was always my favourite character. It is not really surprising that I am a Slytherin, a fair few Scorpios do tend to be naturally that type. Also NOT ALL Slytherin are evil or even approve of Riddle/Voldermort.


Are you a major Trekkie like me? I've been creating a NEW forum where you can join, create a Star Trek persona (I'm 6 of 10/Moderator), maybe yours is based on how you go to conventions i.e. as a Borg/Starfleet Officer/Klingon/Vulcan etc.. & chat about all things Star Trek. I hope to see you there, the link is:

Starship Hive Trekkie Forum


Are you a fellow Scapegoat (in a Narcissistic environment of some kind)? My late Mum was a Narcissistic nightmare. I have had therapy (I strongly suggest you get therapy at some point), as a result I was diagnosed 17th February 2017 as having PTSD. To find out more, visit:

Scapegoat Sanctuary