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Reiki (I started my Reiki path way back in Oct. 2009)
Reiki Attunements (I offer, freely, MANY Reiki attunements)
Affordable Weekly Distance Reiki Healing (£15 per week for UK or $20 per week for everywhere else for 3x30 minute sessions)
Symbol Healing
Work From Home Ideas/My sites related to i.e. MLM's etc..
My Oriflame
My Facebook 'Small Online Businesses' Page
My Facebook 'Online Income' Page
My Facebook 'Monthly Lotions' Page
My Facebook 'Banner Ads' Page
Health Hemp
My Wax Melts/Liniments/Balms/CBD Herbal Nasal Snuff (CBD & Peppermint) - For UK ONLY
CBD basics - Are you confused by CBD & THC etc...?
Herbal Remedies - Mention what health issue you'd like help with

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