CBD Products:

**If your unfamilliar with Weed & Industrial Hemp or THC & CBD, then please read on first**

You may have heard about CBD Oil or CBD Balms etc....  There are MANY of these highly beneficial products, that are now becoming more widely available.  Those of you who have/do smoke Weed/Cannabis/Pot will have most likely already heard about CBD.  This is because CBD is just one of the MANY compounds that is found in Weed.  But the Weed that most, if not all, smokers use is high in THC & very low in CBD.  Weed smokers basically just want the 'high'.  In Industrial Hemp, which is what is used for CBD Oils etc.. is, on the other hand, very low in THC but very high in CBD.

THC in Weed & Industrial Hemp is the compound that is psychoactive, it gets you 'high'.

CBD in Weed & Industrial Hemp is the truly medically beneficial compound.  It helps alleviate so many health problems.

Those users of i.e. CBD Oil don't want the 'high', but they need the medical benefits.  This is where a low THC, high CBD percentage is best.  For this, use Industrial Hemp based products such as CBD Oil etc...  It's a cousin plant to Weed, so their are similarities, but the percentage of THC & CBD are where they differ.

Weed normally is i.e. 22% THC, 1.2% CBD.

Industrial Hemp is i.e. < (less than) 0.3%THC, 10.2% CBD.

Listed are just some of the MANY health problems that CBD can help with:

If therefore you would like to try a CBD product for yourself, or your pets (yes, it's totally safe & beneficial for them too), then visit any of the following sites: