CBD Oil:

What exactly is CBD Oil?

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is: An oil made with the CBD compound of the Hemp plant.  To use you'd place a few drops (your dose) under your tongue.  Let it sit for between 30-90 seconds then swallow.  Do this 2-3 times a day or more often if you use it for chronic conditions.

Will I get 'High'?

No, not at all.  While the plant (Industrial) Hemp is related to Cannabis, it's a cousin plant, you will NOT get 'high'.  The compound that's found in Cannabis & (Industrial) Hemp that causes the 'high' is known as THC.  It's the only psychoactive component, within these plants.  In Cannabis the THC is always high in percent i.e. 20%+.  However in (Industrial) Hemp the THC percent is always 0.3% maximum.  In Cannabis the CBD, which is the main 'useful/medicinally beneficial' compound, is always low.  In (Industrial) Hemp the CBD percentage is always high.

If you therefore want to get 'high', but don't care/ignore/not interested in the medicinal benefits, then you'd go for Cannabis.

If you DON'T want the 'high', but WAN'T the medicinal benefits of CBD, then you'd use the (Industrial) Hemp.  This is 100% legal in all 50 states & in the UK.

But it's Cannabis, right?

(Industrial) Hemp as stated earlier is a cousin plant to Cannabis.  Cannabis & (Industrial) Hemp have some similarities, but they're both natural plants (from Mother Nature).  It's the main difference between THC & CBD percentages that make them different.

There is a stigma, caused many years ago by Cannabis prohibition/laws started in the early 1900's in the states.  But in the thousands of years previously it was used medically by millions without any problems.  The prohibition has negativley impacted (Industrial) Hemp which has a wide variety of other uses.

Also just a side note - The names 'Marijuana'/'Weed'/'Pot' were sort've brought over by i.e. Mexicans.  They call Cannabis & (Industrial) Hemp by the name of Marijuana which just adds to the confusion over it.  They are 2 different plants, but both have been thought of as 1 plant which (by many) has a very negative stigma.  The plants do also grow differently, Cannabis grows short & wide where as (Industrial) Hemp grows very tall & narrow. 

What's the difference between Cannabis & Hemp (Industrial Hemp)?

Cannabis - Low in CBD percentage.  High in THC percentage.  Psychoactive compound.  Get's you 'stoned'/'high'.  Can be & often is illegal.  Many have been 'done' by police for possession.  Is thought to have NO medicinal value or benefit.


(Industrial) Hemp - Low in THC percentage.  High in CBD percentage.  NON-psychoactive.  Wil NOT get you 'high'/'stoned'.  Legal everywhere due to low THC (0.3% maximum).  Many confused as to the difference between this plant & it's dodogy cousin plant.  The Hemp seeds & the oil you can get from these seeds are beneficial to health, but not as much 'medically'.  Hemp seeds can be added to your diet, normally they'd be shelled Hemp seeds.  This is what most, if not all CBD Oil's are made from, especially if it's stated that it's zero/no THC.  This is the plant that is specifically effective at treating MANY ailments/conditions due to the higher CBD percentage in (Industrial) Hemp.  (Industrial) Hemp is used to make rope/paper/clothing/canvas & of course CBD Oils to name just a few uses.

Earliest Bibles, maps, charts, as well as the first drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were made from (Industrial) Hemp.

What's THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - See listing on Wikipedia by clicking HERE.

Is CBD Oil safe for pets?

Yes, in smaller mg amounts, such as 250mg.  Dogs & Cats also can greatly benefit from taking CBD Oil internally.

What is CBD Oil good for?

So many health benefits to taking CBD Oil, even if it's just as a preventative or for general good health & well-being.  I personally use CBD Oil for my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3, Essential Tremor, my PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleeping problems, my Asperger ('Aspie) traits, scalp & elbow Psoriasis.  It's also beneficial for: ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Insomnia, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Cancer etc....  With Cancer it's been proven to help eliminate Cancer cell growth, it also alleviates the nausea/chronic pain caused by Chemo treatments.  Some people (not everyone who's been diagnosed) has also found that they're Cancer's have been fixed/cured by taking CBD Oil or RSO (Rick Simpson's Oil) CBD Oil.  It depends highly on type of Cancer, if your hypersensitive to compounds, how early it is caught etc...

Everyone reacts differently to different brands & doses of CBD Oil - You have to find 'your dose' (a dose that works for you).  That same dose from that same brand of CBD Oil that you use may not work for others.

Hope this helps?