FREE Weekly Reiki Healings:

Wish to receive a FREE Reiki healing for general good health?

New to Reiki and wish to receive a distance healing to see what it's like?

Add your full name or the name of your loved one. I'll send a Reiki healing your way on Sunday at 8pm (GMT).

Cut off time for requests is Sunday 6:30pm (GMT).

Requests that come in after this time will be done the following weekend.

Feel free to leave feedback via the comment section.


If you'd like to donate something, for my time and if you've felt the benefit, visit my Payment page (HERE).

Wish to receive a distance Reiki healing from me?
Just add your full name below in the comments.
Or add the name of a loved one that is in need of healing.

Cut off time: Sunday 6:30pm (GMT) ----- Reiki Healing sent at Sunday 8pm (GMT)

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