What I Sell:

Listed on this site will be what I have for sale.  I'll be updating site as of & when needed.  I always have items for sale.
Items are all COLLECTION FROM MINE ONLY.  This is because I have life long health issues/disabilities which effect many aspects of my life, including my mobility.
I am based in Rushden, Northants, UK.  So please only buy from me if you can get to me.  Get in touch via form below, to find out my address.
I accept Paypal (http://paypal.me/reiki30) or Cash upon collection.

© Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward - 2019
£1 per roll.  5m Christmas Wrapping Paper.
£1 each.  Avon Catalogues (ask me how many of which campaign number I have).  I don't have many, but may still be of use to you.
£1 for a set of 2.  Toilet Rim Block
£2 BTVS Mug.  Condition as new even though I've had it MANY years.  I never actually used it for drinks.
£3 Avon Shave Nourishing Oil.
£5 1KG Popping Corn.
£5 1KG Coffee Beans.  Slightly now out of date but they're still perfectly ok to use.
£5 Fragrant Mind Book.
£5 Fragrant Pharmacy Book.
£5 500ML Hibiscrub.  Slightly out of date but still ok to use.
£5 Oriflame Toothpaste.

£8 Clip On Headphones.
£8 Travel Iron Mat.
£10 Avon Dreams Perfume.
£15 Cat Carrier.  Never used.
£15 Crepe Maker.
£20 10KG Cat Litter.  Never opened as it arrived day my cat Buffy died :(
£20 Scanner.
£25 Canon Printer.
£25 Coffee Maker.
£30 Mini 9L Oven.
£50 Medium Leather Jacket.  Pic on right shows small, I'm sure fixable, tear.